09 March 2011

SingTel miostadium : Still in the Dark Ages

  • Woke up at 3:45 am to catch the biggest game of the football season thus far - Barca vs Arsenal. SingTel live streaming down. Picture on permanent freeze. Audio only. Unhelpful Singtel helpdesk. Major frustration. Both Starhub and Singtel customers affected, from what I read in the miostadium chatroom.
  • Singtel should be ashamed and embarrassed by the poor level of service they are providing to paying customers.
  • See others' comments on miostadium Facebook. (partial screenshots attached in case page is taken down later).
  • How can a company that just made 4Q10 profits of SGD 998 mio not even get simple internet streaming right ? 
  • [SingTel = Nicklas Bendtner = simply not good enough. Robin van Persie would surely have converted that last chance. Thanks to illegal streaming site, I managed to catch some of the action]. 
  • If this happens again next week with the ManU v Marseilles game, I swear I am going to sell all of my SingTel shares.


Taichiseal said...

Response from SingTel ..

"Hi everyone, we realise that there are many of you who have been facing transmission issues, and we are sorry for this. Please follow the link below to leave your details at the Query form. We will contact you shortly to arrange for a visit... by a technician, who will assess the problem and see how he is able to solve it. Thank you for your patience."

Both Singtel and Starhub users all having the same problem on the night and SingTel tries to make it sound like the problem is on the user end ? How dense.

Kris said...

I thought this type of problem only happen in Bolehland. It also affect Singapore also.. poor customer service is a spreading plague.

Taichiseal said...

Bill Shankly : "Football's not a matter of life and death ... it's more important than that"

Don C said...


Great article on The Code Warrior/Mikko Hypponen.
Coding as an artform first and foremost, for money and for a living second. Nice.
But I think as the Chief Research Officer, he should be getting a fair bit of the spoils as well...

Also just read your shared article on Sleeplessness==Taking riskier gambles.
Our longterm "unhealthy" non-circadian lifestyle, revolving around overseas financial market hours, certainly puts us at risk; and at the very least, plays havoc with our quality of rest and especially, quality of complexion...

I recently read this book:
The Power of Rest: Why Sleep Alone Is Not Enough, by Matthew Edlund.

While there is a fair bit of hocus-pocus stuff in the book (and much of the recommended techniques for centering and rejuvenation --ie. meditation-- are just diluted variations of far more potent and ancient traditions, like Indian/Chinese ones: much better material to be found there), the portion Edlund wrote on Active Resting is interesting and worth a look for the modern desk warrior who is leery of sitting in zazen or chanting "OM"...

Here is a preview:

And an article Edlund wrote in Huffingtonpost:


Wah, if you really sell all of your SingTel shares, it will be like going "all-in" on your short SIMCSI-Singapore trade...
But then again, if QE3 doesnt roll around in June, can easily imagine SingTel dropping another 50cents to the longterm resistance level of 2.50


Taichiseal said...

Don - Thanks for the book recommendation. I won't sell my Singtel shares la. Just ranting and raving here :).

Taichiseal said...

Managed to watch Man U v Marseilles game without a hitch last night. So my Singtel shares are safe.