25 March 2011

S&P500 and Simsci : Cut Loss

  • Disastrous hedges (shorting equities) put on in the past week. Whilst hedge size was only 50% of Core Book risk, the loss on the hedges slightly exceeded the profits on the core positions. Thank God for the elephant EDM1/Z1 position which helped tremendously to mitigate.
  • Just cut ESM1 @ 1309.50 and SSGH1 at 364.10. Really should have done it last night when I had that uncomfortable feeling in my gut.
  • Probably the wrong time to cut Simsci, seeing as it is running into overhead resistance near to the old double top neckline, but I am not going to chance it and risk suffering more hedge losses.
  • S&P looks like its going to put on a weekly reversal. Amazing resilience even in face of Fukushima upgrade to level 6 (3 Mile only level 5). This thing (S&P) just refuses to die.
  • Got this one badly wrong.

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