23 February 2011

Copper : Add to Long @ 428

  • Hit by deflationary fears from Middle East and North Africa turmoil.
  • Pull back from 462.6 to current 428 = buying opportunity.
  • Monthly : Uptrend. 427 good support.
  • Weekly : Uptrend seeing consolidation now.
  • Just bought May11 Copper at 428, increasing long position. Expect volatility and difficult moments but uptrend should reassert itself once markets get used to Mid East/N Africa worries.
  • Closed out Brent, Simsci, Wheat, Sugar and reduced Soybean positions today to make room for this. These have all benefited from the Libya/Gaddafi factor whilst Copper has suffered. Thus, effectively betting Libya gets pushed aside in due course. Key is sizing to withstand the adverse swing.

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Taichiseal said...

Took profit on new @ 434