26 February 2011

Benchmarks : Weekly Update

  • Monster elephant week. Very happy. [Bernanke QE2 = Liquidity = Higher commodities including food = Middle East + North Africa unrest = Good volatility in trending markets = Good for P&L. So, once again, as in Oct last year, benefited from QE2].
  • USDX : Downtrend.
  • US10YY : Unconvincing evening star last week now solidly signalling lower yields. Will cut hedge on any dips in TY. Which there surely will be if Equities keep rallying.
  • S&P500 : Uptrend test. Keep open verdict. Am long, assuming uptrend, but will be selling Simsci into this rally to lock in a mini +Developed vs - Emerging Markets.
  • Gold : Uptrend. Enough said.

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