12 February 2011

Benchmarks : Weekly Update

  • Murbarak stepped down. Mixed week, small progress made in P&L. Overall risk reduced via profit taking in Rates and Grains, which is always a pleasure and a good thing.
  • USDX : Low conviction sell just above the week's close at 78.44. Between 79-80 would be much better risk reward.
  • US10YY : Shooting star candle indicating possible reversal in recent move to higher yields. Not reliable single candle. Would much prefer to see an evening star form next week (3rd candle = black) to call a top. Until then, assume push to higher yields to continue.
  • S&P500 : This is really where max risk should be concentrated. Unfortunately not here. Bullish but only small position = not much improvement from being wrong.
  • Gold : Buy dips. But don't rush.

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