24 May 2010

S&P500 : What Next ?

  • Daily chart price action of the last 3 weeks is uncommon (in my experience) : 26Apr10 high = 1220 --> 06May10 low = 1069 --> 13May10 high = 1173 --> 21May10 low = 1057. Huge swings compressed within a short space of time. Alot of the tension has been let out of the market after this back and forth and we should trade a lot calmer in the week ahead. Panic and excitement over, for now.
  • Weekly uptrend line broken; overhanging this week at 1167.
  • Monthly : Potential Evening Star in the making; need a close for May10 below 1137 to lock in the bearish pattern. But a meaningful pull-back in the next 2 months to form a right shoulder would not surprise. (Left shoulder at 1151).
  • Overall : Want to be short S&P. (Better potential and risk reward than shorting EUR/USD). Question of timing and entry levels now.

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Taichiseal said...

Previous set of trades : Short avg 1122. Squared 1075.