27 April 2010

USD/JPY : Revisit Weekly SHS Bottom

  • Previous attempt to go long USD/JPY stopped out on 08Apr10.
  • However, technical reasons to be long from back then still valid.
  • Monthly : DownTL broken in Mar10 and looks like will close above again this month. Buy.
  • Weekly : SHS bottom. Back and forth around NL at 93.76 a few times and hovering just around it now.
  • Trade : Just went long at 93.85 in a single lot, purely for "intellectual DIY" as per fabulous Fab. SHS bottom could still perform, albeit a contorted version.
  • Will think about doing a serious trade only if we get above 94.74.

1 comment:

Taichiseal said...

Bought another lot at 92.98.