06 January 2013

A History of Defamation Suits

List of PAP "action" to date nicely compiled for convenient reference here.

So infantile. This is one of the things that makes me feel embarrassed when discussing Singapore with foreigners.


Taichiseal said...

A clear and concise explanation of the AIM saga

Anonymous said...

I read through that list and there is not a single case that one can object to as being unlawful or unfair. It's common to think the grass is greener on the other side of the border. But one must try to be objective and ask - what has Lee Kuan Yew done that is wrong, unfair, immoral, illegal or shows lack of integrity? The answer is 'Not one thing!'. His life is a model of integrity, unparalleled in the political world. He could have become the dictator of Singapore if he was so inclined, but he believes in the rule of law and fairness. He has dedicated his life to improving the life of his countrymen, and you are all living proof of his success. If only more countries had leaders like Lee! Singapore is an excellent example of the rule of law, in everything from keeping streets clean to keeping the government free of corruption. You enjoy the fruits of this law-abiding state, yet complain when PM Lee or anybody in govt applies the same law to protect their rights against being libelled or defamed. Each case was tried as per the laws of the land, which are reasonable by any standard; in a transparent and open manner, and justice was delivered. Should responsible opponents be allowed to slander and say anything they like? If that were allowed Singapore would quickly degenerate to a lower status than Malaysia and Indonesia. You can't both have your cake and eat it too. Singapore regularly features at the top of the world's list of the best governed, least corrupt countries. And yet, you try hard to find faults with your leaders. What exactly is your complaint? It seems to me more akin to the tall poppy syndrome (the tall poppy gets cut) or the Japanese saying of 'The nail that sticks out gets hammered down'. People want to put Lee and his associates down simply because they can't stand them being right more often than not. People who think Singapore is unfair, corrupt or in any way unbearable to live in can always move to Malaysia, Indonesia, India, or Australia or elsewhere - the govt places no restriction on your freedom.
To all complaining Singaporeans: Be careful what you wish for. One day you may get it!