19 December 2012

USD/CAD : Staggered Sell

  • Re-initiated short USD/CAD position @ 0.9870. Leave room to add to short near to 0.9904.
  • Daily : SHS top. NLs at 0.9870 and 0.9904.
  • Weekly and Monthly : Consolidating in a triangle within a bigger downtrend.
  • Foreplay trade. Not time to enter for real yet although I think this has serious downside potential in time to come.


Taichiseal said...

Stopped out 0.9901

Taichiseal said...

Try again.

Just -0.9948

Taichiseal said...

-0.9922 ...

Then, covered entire short position at 0.9922. Wasting time with USD/CAD when US/JPY and EUR/USD are running away.