12 July 2014

Piano Scene from "Big"

Remember this from 1988 ... good movie. [iOS]
Can't seem to get any trades right for the past 3 months. Hence, hardly making any trades and the infrequent blog posts. (Also World Cup time).

03 July 2014

President Obama, Clint Dempsey and Tim Howard

[Link for iOS viewing]
Those assholes from FIFA keep blocking videos of the 16 saves.

02 July 2014

EDZ6 : Short again @ 98-02

  • Squeezed to death by previous rally to 98-20.5.
  • Try again. Sold at 98-02 on 27Jun (while in Shanghai, much hassle to get round the great firewall to post update, so didn't).
  • 50% and 62% Fibonacci levels for [98-20.5, 97-79] range = 97-99.75 and 98-04.65 respectively. High attained 98-04 where I had another sell order but was not filled. A pity. Order still in place.

12 June 2014

USD/CAD : Initiated Long +1.0861

  • New trade : +1.0861
  • Stop below recent lows around 1.0812
  • Assumption : Monthly periscope still in play. Weekly and daily trading towards bottom of consolidation ranges. Hence, buy.

09 June 2014

02 June 2014

EDZ6 : Confirmed Bear Squeeze Over ?

  • As always, fall in love with a trade idea and result = DIE first. Then after you are dead, trade works. And it does not ever work to think that you run just a small position to withstand the pain, because regardless of how small that position is, market will still squeeze you out first.
  • Monthly weekly and daily charts all now look to have finally run out of steam to the upside and ready to reverse/already reversed.
  • Sell rallies again.

17 May 2014

EDZ6 : Position Update

  • 13May : Stopped out 1RU short EDZ6 at 97.905
  • Balance 1RU short. Market seems determined to squeeze shorts out. 
  • Unbroken string of losing trades since Mar when I cashed in after a good run. Death by a thousand cuts slowly but surely eroding away all my banked in profits. Frustrating. 
  • China firewall seems to get worse and worse with each visit. Driving me mad. Now my Box account is blocked. Really stupid. 

12 May 2014

BPL 2013/14 : Congratulations to Man City

Deserving champions. Classy, dignified manager. Great individual world class talents. Their football always played in the right spirit (attacking, fair), have never seen any of their players resort to Suarez-like antics (ie cheating).

[Reckon Liverpool would probably have gained a lot more support from the neutrals for the title run-in of the past few weeks if their team did not have Suarez in it. Hint : My love for Steven Gerrard < my dislike of Suarez].

06 May 2014

Steven Gerrard : Football Prophet

Came across this very amusing letter on Football365.

Gerrard's Speech
Everyone knows the captain's speech after the 3-2 victory over Manchester City.
To summarise:
1. We go again
2. This does not f**king slip
3. Every match like a CL final
What happened:
1. Liverpool next match against Norwich ended with a 3-2 victory again
2. Stevie slipped against Chelsea
3. Crystal Palace fought back from 3-0 down to claim a draw (aka 2005 CL final style)
Steven Gerrard is not only Captain Fantastic, he is a football prophet. All shall worship him.
Ziteng (Singapore) YNWA

USD/CAD : Initiated Long USD/CAD @ 1.0913

  • Most recent trade : Stopping out 1 Risk Unit of long USD/CAD @ 1.1030.
  • Am making assumption that the big periscope breakout (monthly) is the big underlying driving force. If so, will have to read the weekly and daily charts weakness as pull-backs nearer to bottom of recent trading ranges. Thus going long is my thing.
  • Trade : initiated very small long (0.3RU only) at 1.0913. Will do more around 1.0860.

02 May 2014

Copper : Update

  • Recent bear squeeze in HG up to 312.45 (lead contract) took out half my short position in HGN4 (on 16Apr).
  • Sufficient time elapsed and noise subsided since. Revisit.
  • Monthly : Downside break of massive SHS top remains valid.
  • Weekly : Downtrend intact.
  • Daily : The recent rally looks like a bear flag.
  • Trade : Holding on to 1RU short (poor entry). Awaiting daily bear flag break confirmation to re-establish 1 more RU short.
  • Copper bears will perhaps be encouraged that this week's scaling back of Fed tightening expectations (weak +0.1% 1Q US GDP, no FOMC surprises) has not resulted in another round of short squeeze.

30 April 2014

Chris Botti, Sting, Yo-Yo Ma, Dominic Miller : Fragile

Steve Jobs to Yo-Yo Ma : "You playing is the best argument I’ve ever heard for the existence of God, because I don’t really believe a human alone can do this."

4 arguments for the existence for God here. [Link for iOS viewing]